Parallel Test Case execution

I have 5-6 suites and each suite contains around 300 cases. Currently, I am able to execute test suites parallelly but test cases of that suites are getting executed sequentially. I want my test suites to be executed sequentially but test cases inside that particular suite parallelly.

Eg. Suppose We have suites A,B,C,D each containing 200 cases. We have 4 nodes for parallel execution. Once i execute collection, containing all-suite, parallelly then on each machine test cases of a specific suites gets executed. Eg. On machine 1 test cases of Suite A gets executed sequentially, on machine 2 test cases of B gets executed and so on.

I want that once i put the collection to be executed then on 4 machines 4 test cases of the same suites should be executed. Can someone plz help how can I achieve this.

This is not possible with Katalon’s Suite/Test Case model. Suites run their member Test Cases sequentially.

However, Katalium uses TestNG. In TestNG you can use “Session Handling” which allow you to create parallel execution at four different levels: tests, classes, methods, and instances.

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@Russ_Thomas we have katalon project and we have written around 1000 of cases in katalon . As you are suggesting katalium , my query is that whether we can import katalon test cases in katalium or not by any means.

Didn’t @devalex88 already answer that question for you?

@Russ_Thomas devalex88 answered but he has written at this moment . By looking into your frequent releases i thought you guys has developed something so that we can import katalon to katalium . And i think if this feature will come na then many problems will be solved .