Parallel execution in jenkins fails on clicking link which navigates to loginpage instead of either respective page or stays on page

Hi …In my case we run 21 parallel execution with max concurrent instances 21…Now on running in jenkins if thr is page navigation by click in the script, it navigates to the login page instead of the either expected respective page or stays on the page…is tis because of max concurrent instances?

Note: In sequential tis issue is not present, it clicks and by switchtowindowtitle() it switches to respective page

To which page it navigates — it is determined by the web server app. it is not determined by browser, not by Katalon Studio of course.

Have you checked the log of the web server app? It is likely that the server app encountered some exceptional cases; therefore it replied the login page despite you expected some respective page.

How many parallel conversations with clients the web server app is capable of? I guess the web server app is configured to support just a limited number (1, 2 ?) of concurrent conversations. Thereore it gets stuck when your multiple automated tests rashes for it concurrently.