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HI all -

After reading everything I could find on the install, I could not find if Katalon can be installed on a Windows server OS. Is this possible and if so, which OS do you suggest? I see it is supported on Linus, but have little experience with that.

Thank you!!

Hi @lynda.hooper,

Sorry for a late response on this. Please find in this article information regarding supported OS and other system requirements for Katalon Studio. We hope it answers your concern.

Hi, someone please let me know meaning of age field against each test case in test report.

Hi there! Age is the number of occurrences of the latest repeating test status. For instance:

  • The current status of your Test Case: Failed
  • Age: 2
  • Test Runs: 5
    Age, in this case, means this Test Case has failed twice consecutively as well as the third run has another status other than failed. The fluctuation in the Test Case Status reflects its instability and somehow reliability.
    Please refer to this document for further information on different fields displaying in Test Case details.
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