Output of random values from the connected Excel file

How to get and insert random values from a connected Excel file? I’ve tried different options, but I haven’t come to anything yet( what does it initially look like when the data from the file is inserted sequentially in the screenshots, but I need 1 random value

This article explains that there is 2 methods of processing “Data”

  • A. Execution from test suites
  • B. Execute from a test case

You seem to be following the “A” method. With this method you will have no control which data (line, row, … whatever you call it) to pick up. Katalon will force your script to accept all the data sequentially. Therefore you need to stop using the “A” method if you want to determine which data you want to deal with.

Do you want Katalon Studio to help you picking up data randomly? No, it doesn’t.

You need to follow the “B” method. In this method, your Test Case script is fully responsible for reading the “Data” from file. And your test case is responsible for determining which data (line, row) to process itself. You want “random” data — sure, you can determine whichever data to pick up.

Can you show an example based on my script? as I wrote earlier, I tried different options and then the method of calling is not the same, then the path to the data file cannot be found, then some other jamb. Thanks

ah, I saw everything where I messed up, but the question then I understand correctly that I would have chosen a random value of strings to substitute in .getValue(
1, …)?

and I figured it out too) thanks anyway)