Import Test Data into Web Application Testing

I have installed Katalon in my Mac. I created test case which will do the testing and it works fine. Now I have a Excel file which contains the test data. I have imported the excel file as Test Data.

I have some button clicks which works fine with the xpath.'Object Repository/Test/TestNavigator/span_Not at all'))

In the Excel file, I have the value for the button click, to select specific option. I’m trying to fetch the value from the excel file and pass it as input to the Click function. But it fails.

How to resolve this issue?


Have a look at this post [TIP] My test is BROKEN! NOTHING WORKS! PLEASE HELP ME!

And let us see your code, and the log which shows how it failed.

Im new to Katalon. I have recorded the complete flow, and worked on testing initially. I understood that, button click works using xpath. I need your help for the below activity.

  1. The tool has multiple questions, with various radio buttons, check boxes. I have a test data in excel format, which has the exact answers to be captured for each question. I need your help to read the values for the button clicks, and pass the flow.

The following article would help you:

@kazurayam, Thank you. The above approach works well for selecting values from the drop down and text boxes. But clicking on the specific radio button option is not working. Can you please help me how to achieve it? Thanks in advance

Please have a look at the follwoing guideline: