OTP issue on chrome browser

I am doing POC on Salesforce application. When you login to Salesforce application it will send an OTP to your registered mobile number for security purpose.
I have bypassed this by adding my IP address in salesforce network access and also added the salesforce site my chrome browser’s trusted sites list.

Issue: When i ran the login testscript from katalon it again going to OTP step. I am thinking that Katalon is opening the new browser session by clearing all the user settings.

Please help me get through this issue.

It’s using a clean “fresh” profile (which is where your settings are stored so they no longer exist).

I’m not a Chrome guy, but this guy knows Chrome fairly well, he’s been using it since he was six years old :wink:


Thanks Thomas!

@Brandon_Hein could you please help me to resolve this issue.

You’ll need to configure a desired capability that will add the site to your trusted sites list programmatically at runtime. I’ve written a guide on how to add capabilities here: