Old test cases won't work on new upgrade Katalon 7.9.1

I had testcases created in previous version which were working fine. If I create a fresh project in new upgraded Katalon, that runs too. Although, when running old testcase, it is not launching the Chrome browser and showing that the Chromedriver needs updating. I think it is up to date because it is running the newly created testecase. Help!

Regardless which version of WebDriver you have in your KS now, it is no harm to try updating WebDrivers by the following operation.


Update a WebDriver
From the main toolbar, select Tools > Update WebDrivers > select a browser in the drop-down list.

I did the Tool > Update webdriver,not only for Chrome but for all other browsers. That did not work for me. I am still not able to run the testcase, and there is same issue with the Chrome browser.

It seems you installed KS in the C:\Katalon folder. This folder would require the Administrator privilege. This would cause access privilege problem if you ran your test as a normal user.

I would recommend you to install KS under the folder which your normal user have 100% access privilege. For example,

Thanks! I did that. It did not resolve the issue though.

Hi @deshmukhketaki19,

Please share the execution log in the Console Log.