Objects with multiple identifiers, can Katalon recognize more than one ID value?

So over the past five years we’ve been re-writing a HR system. As developers have come on and off the application we’ve had some slippage in the naming style.

As a separate exercise we’ve already tracked all the IDs across the different forms and pages of the application and i’m just manually adding the objects to Katalon so that others can utilize them.

So basically due to the slippage in naming conventions in one part of our application (an action form) the ID for a field named as Action Reason could go by two different IDs. actionReasonCd or form-action-action-ReasonCd

I am trying to avoid having a giant cascading organizational structure to our object repo and would like to put all ‘Action information’ elements under a single folder instead of breaking it out between the fifteen different action forms that could be displayed.

Would the following work instead as an xpath selector?

//*[@id='actionReasonCd' or @id='form-action-actionReasonCd']

obviously if I have a parameterized id I may not be able to use this.

After a quick trial that seems to work. This is assuming that both object identifiers are used to represent the same information throughout the webapp.

For example I have two different indicators of effective date, used in two different parts of the application.

One is stored on an input object with the value of effDate.

<input id='effDate' value='somedate>

The other is stored on a table cell with the value of form-eff-date.

<td id='form-eff-date'>

One I can use getText the other I would use getValue.