Locators and Object Identification

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How can you chain locator or use or locator for mobile object? in page object model (POM) it similar like these:
Chain selector :
@AndroidFindBy(className = “android.widget.ScrollView”)
@AndroidFindBy(className = “android.widget.TextView”)

Or Selector :
@AndroidBy(accessibility = “textinput-marketing-program”),
@AndroidBy(accessibility = “textinput-marketing-code”)

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I second this discussion, before you allowed us to select multiple ways to detect an Android object, now we can only select one. You basically removed a feature that allowed easier multiple attribute selection. We cannot do this easily anymore via the mobile recorder nor the mobile spy:

Currently the only way to use multiple selector is using xpath which is kinda meh :frowning_face:


Can we use ID for React Native Apps? I want to create test case in Katalon Studio to run functional automation test in both Android and IOS devices. But I am struggling to add unique ID that can be used to Identify Object (Capture Object in Katalon instead of XPath) in Test Cases.

Any advice/response on this would be deeply appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile: