NullPointerException when adding an object to mobile object Spy


since I use 7.8.2 , I have this error message for each object when adding them to mobile object spy.
(with the old 6.3.3 everything was fine)

Thanks for your help

2021-01-12 15_25_29-Katalon Studio_

No solution ?

I encounter a “NullPointerException” when the element in the OR does not exist (anymore). Is it possible that you deleted it from somewhere else in your project and didn’t let KS remove it all, or changed the element’s name such that the name in script does not match the name in the OR anymore. (Yeah, I’ve done all these).

I also get a “NullPointerException” when I get a network “break”–my project is on a network and occasionally, I get a hic-cup on the network and several exceptions occur.

And, is it possible that you forgot to select any means to identify the element within the OR? Like, do you have tag and pathway as attributes but don’t have pathway selected.

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