Not Selected Object Properties in Object Repositories

When I create new test object, katalon not auto selected value that we create. It should be auto selected after we create test object.

Could you report this issue to us by following this guide:

Operating System : Windows 10
Katalon Studio Version : 5.7.1 Build 1

Step :
1. move to object repository
2. Create New Test Object
3. Add object properties and click OK. so we get new test object. But it not auto selected


Hi mohamad dhicy ramdhani,

Thank you for reporting your issue. Although it’s a new idea to us, we noticed that and discuss to Katalon team to help you in new versions.

Please wait for us and enjoy Katalon.

Hi Vy Ta,
Thank you. I think katalon studio have issue about interface. I hope next version is better than before. :slight_smile: