Not able to select and click the options in a drop down

Hi there all,

I am trying to automate a scenario which is to create an event thorough quite a long and interactive form and this form contains a drop-down which I am not able to select any option. It throws error that object not found through ID and I have changed the XPath, but it still throws same error. The drop-down is actually coded through DIV and spans rather than the simple select HTML tag, so I think it may be due to that, but I am not sure.

Here is the Drop-Down:

Here is the HTML for this drop down and its first option which I am trying to select:

Here is the XPath I added:

Please help me on this. Thank you.

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Hi there,

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does ID change on every run? if yes, we shouldn’t use that has a unique locator. try dynamic xpath using span containing ur value?

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Hi @muhammad.waleed

The website you are testing is an angular website. The select methods will not work.
Firstly you have to click on the dropdown and then click on the visible option.

To select the dropdown option use the xpath text method:


Avoid record & play.


Yes, i tried it and it is working now. Thank you for the help. Appreciate it.


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Yes I did that and it is working now, thanks