Unable to select the drop down

I am new to Katalon and trying to automate our web page in Katalon. I am able to record the login page but when there is drop down to select different user permission I am not able to automate that. Can some please help. I used
WebUI.selectOptionByIndex(findTextObject) but I got an error saying test object not found

Is the element you’re trying to automate an HTML SELECT element?

Hi Bharati,

Try to inspect the contents of the dropdown list and get the xpath of each item. I’m sure there is a unique index representing each item. Observe if there’s a change in index in every item.

Something like:

Then try to do this:
//click the dropdown or combobox

//*Optional… verify the dropdown list if present or visible


Hope that helps. . .

Hi Bharati,
Inspect the elements on HTML and find the select statement. then use execute javascript and use select option b y value. hope this helps.