Not able to save cucumber runner file ( runFeatureFile)

Operating System

windows PC

Katalon Studio version


Log Folder:

Environment (for Web Testing)

  • Browser & browser version

Steps to reproduce

When I select a test case and add the cucumber “run feature file” I cant save it

I get this error in screen show below

Expected Behavior
the run / play button does not run automation all a sudden. I am not able to save the cucumber runner file.

Actual Behavior
I should not have another file as I was able to run this earlier with no issue.

I also see this error
File /C%%Users%Katalon Studio%HMDAl%HMDA_Transmittal.prj/Scripts/HMDA_Transmittal_Smoke_Test/cucumber_Runner_HMDA_Transmittal_Smoke_test/Script1692979288246.groovy does not exist.

I also see this now after an hour, I just dont know what it means and why it all of a sudden stopped working

Please help thank you

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You can close this issue, there was an issue with the file naming that didn’t match.The error message you’re encountering, “A resource exists with a different case,” typically occurs when you’re working on a file system that is case-insensitive (such as Windows) but the file or folder path you’re using contains mixed cases. This can cause confusion for the file system as it treats paths in a case-insensitive manner, but when it encounters two paths that differ only in case, it reports this error.

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