Frequent Save Problems

I am not sure how to consistently recreate this issue, but it has been a major headache for me for quite some time. I am writing tests using the Cucumber framework - that is, feature files with step definition files underneath. I very frequently run into this “Save Problems” popup when I adjust my stepdef file, often occurring if I make a lot of small changes in multiple spots. I should also note that I have had the autocomplete (I’m not sure what that function is called) bug out and throw an exception on multiple occasions, and I believe it may be related to this issue. I always know I am going to see this popup when I make a change to the code and it doesn’t light up correctly (a global variable not showing blue or parts of a comment retaining their uncommented color, etc. When I then go to run one of my test case or feature files I am met with this error, and upon closing and reopening my stepdef file I usually find my most recent changes gone.

I have seen others post about this issue, but I am doubtful anyone has experienced it with as much frequency as I have…

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Not that it’s any kind of race but… I see this multiple times/hour.

It only occurs in editors that cannot be executed - never occurs in the main editor (containing a test case).

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I believe I have only had the issue occur in my stepdef files,never in any of my keywords or in my listener. I wish I knew a way of consistently reproducing the error so that 1) I could avoid it and 2) it could be attacked from a meaningful angle. I always find some humor in the “try File > Save As”; I suppose that’s the silver lining.

My own fix is usually cleaning project and restarting Katalon. I found keeping Katalon open for more than 3-4 hours usually cause random bugs.

If I close the file it yells at me about and then reopen it that fixes the issue (though I have to make sure I copy the file contents before I close it, lest I lose my changes). I haven’t payed attention to how long I have the editor open before I receive the message, but I will keep that time frame in mind.