Not able to RUN the scripts in IE as getting "Unable to click object on closed Window" error

Hi There,

I am not able to run the scripts in IE11 whereas it works fine in chrome and firefox.
In IE, it opens up the browser but after then, could not click on any oblect and throws error like “Root cause: org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchWindowException: Unable to find elements on closed window

I did Protect Mode Zones settings going in to registry and setting same settings for all zones (My company’s security doesn’t allow me to do that directly in IE settings as it is disabled there) . I did all those setting whatever mentioned in IE configuration page of Katalon docs.

I read all the other discussions and tried all the settings and config whatever mentioned but nothing seems working.

Is it a known issue?

Thanks in Advance!

Just to update here. I have started facing this issue the time I upgraded my OS from win 7 to Win 10. In windows 7, everything was working fine with IE.

I’m currently experiencing the same issue in IE when trying to enter an Email address for a user ID, I also have Windows 10.