Newbie needs some help: I would like to run some tests that pick something by a keyword

Hi I am a newbie at this but have progressed greatly from when I started a few years ago (gave up as it was too complicated then). However, I have hit a problem that I am not sure where to look for the answer.

I am running some tests to automation bookings on a website, but the test fails if the product has moved. So for example, I run the test and change the filter to the highest price, and due to the nature of the product this can vary on the list, sometimes its the 5th product down, then it can move to the third product down or fourth etc. So as im setting up the tests individually at the moment, im presuming its looking for the product at the place that it was set up in, say the 5th place. However, when I run it again, the 5th product is now something different so it falls over. Id like to set up tests so it search’s for the product by name rather than where I have clicked it.

so in the example the Strat is top, as the filter is set as recommended, however, if you filter it by highest then its no longer at the top and so the test falls over, as when you use the filter its the Bellagio thats at the top (used these as an example as im browsing holidays to Las Vegas for November if anyone has any recommendations. lol. )

What is your testing criteria how your Application Under Test?

Do you want you test to check if “The STRAT Hotel” to be the 1st on the recommendation? — Of course not. Then, what do you want your test to check?

A very loose testing criteria could be, for example,

  1. With the filter A, there should be 1 or more hotels in the recommendation list. If zero hotels there, then the test should fail.

  2. With the filter B, the should be 2 or more hotels in the list, and the hotels must be sorted in descending order of price. If not in the descending order, the test should fail.

  3. With any filters, all of the hotels in the list should display the name, the link to “VIEW IN MAP”, location, images, etc. If any hotel missing its name, the test should fail.

At first, you should think what you want your test to do. Then you would find a way to go next.

Hi, thanks for the help, it is much appreciated and given me something else to think about. I am a tester trying to upskill, so watching videos galore about stuff, and getting on in small steps. But what I am trying to achieve I didn’t explain myself very well. I am trying to click on the continue button so I can move to the next page.
I would like to achieve that by selecting “the strat” whether its first or last, but stumbling how I achieve that. I have managed to automate what I wanted to automate and then somehow the list has changed so it cant find “the strat” as im guessing spy web puts it at a certain place for the test to find and now its moved, it cant find it.

Hi @lisa.swaine start here:

You will probably need to do a wait for element visible check before you use it.

You can also do a search for ‘select’ in Katalon’s documentation.

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ahh, thanks Dave, I never thought of the wait for element visable. It was something I used briefly in UIPATH. I will give it a try as that might be what I need.

Dave, that worked a treat. thank you so much for your suggestion :slight_smile:

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