How to get value to make test case select option by value

how to get how to get value to make test case select option by value?
try to make test case for search Employee by title.
hope to get the results of a list of employees with the job entered.
but when try make test case using record , test case is succes but not get result i want.
this link i try:
expected results:

katalon result :

katalon step and test result :

please give the instructions pray:

Just a note that you are not using the Katalon Recorder application. You are using the Web Recorder of Katalon Studio. If you can correct your heading, more people that know Katalon Studio may be able to assist you.

One thing I can say is that you can add “Wait For Page Load” with an Input of 10 after any statements that moves you from one web page to another, like “Navigate To Url”, “button_Login” and “span_PIM”. The Recorder will not insert the wait statements but it is good for stability of your test case.

I am not familiar with the OrangeHRM, maybe someone knows how to test within it. Perhaps you can use the Web Spy to assist you as you learn the application. However, when I tried to get the QA Engineer in the Job Title drop-down, I got instead a title in the P’s, so…interesting…but after playing with it for a bit, I was able to get it. So, you can play with the results the Spy gives you.


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Thank you for the advice. I’ve tried and it works.
I’m just learning to use the katalon so I don’t really understand it yet. :+1:

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can i ask again?
i get this link OrangeHRM for tutorial make test suite case. where just change value step 15. test case for several result job title . but in tutorial this link OrangeHRM you can easy get job title value. maybe this link already update now so i cannot get value.
i want try make several test for this test case where step 15. span_QA Engineer is change to value i already make. like HR manager or QA Lead.
shall i capture all object like span_QA engineer using spy? or can i just change the value?

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I had to use the Spy to get the pathway because the page does not allow me to have the drop-down and click into the HTML afterwards. So, what the pathway has is something like ...div[19]/span. The value, 19, can be changed to other numbers to pick up the various values of the list. Instead of span_QA_Engineer, perhaps you can change the name to “span_JobTitleName”. You can even parameterize the value when you learn how to do that so you would be able to choose any Job Title.

The pathway the Spy collects looks very fragile, but if you know or learn about xpath, then you can update the pathway afterwards.

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sorry . i still not understand it.i dont know item to use. can you share ScreenShoot?
xpath like this?
i try spy xpath HR Manager:

i try like this:

Once your Objects are in the Object Repository, you can Rename them (use Right Click > Rename) or change the XPath (double click and then just edit the pathway in the “Selected Locator”). I would suggest to practice renaming with the “div_–Select” object.

To select different Job Titles, you will have to “click” on the drop-down, then wait, then click on the job position. If you want to change the job position, you will have to repeat the same steps starting with clicking on the drop-down. I created 3 objects and was able to move between them.
As an example:


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that mean if i want try search job title. i must get object. thank you sir for advice. :pray: :+1:

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As I mentioned in one of my above posts, here is a link to review “parameterizing” the Job Title Position so you can have multiple Job Positions from one object.
As the article says, we could also just parameterize just the index of the div tag, so ...div[19]/span becomes ...div[${index}]/span. You can play with either one of these.

Parameterize Web Test Objects in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs

Example:'OrangeHRM/EmployeeList/span_Other Position', [('index'): "//div[@id='app']/div/div[2]/div[2]/div/div/div[2]/form/div/div/div[6]/div/div[2]/div/div[2]/div[17]/span"]))
Setup Object like: