New Docs area to surface knowledge-based, tutorial style topics 📚

Hi Community members, :wave:

We have recently enabled a new Docs area on the forum (not to be confused with Katalon Documentations) to help you get access to knowledge-based, tutorial style topics across our forum quicker, in particularly the topics with the following tags:

We noticed that many of our members enjoy sharing tutorials and workaround on how to best utilize the Katalon Platform, and we believe this would help to increase the visibility for such topics.

If you would like your tutorial topics to be features in Docs, be sure to append one of the tags above.

To access the Docs area, you can either navigate to use the hamburger menu or the quick access menu beneath the budding topic banner:

Screen Recording 2023-11-09 at 18.17.24


Funny. I wondered why I came in to see this, today:

~15 months ago you archived them, now you brought them back. I hope you did the same for @kazurayam and @Brandon_Hein.

I could quote some Shakespeare here, but I’ll resist. :neutral_face:

Yes, it surprised me as well.