Negative Login test in Katalon Studio

Hello Everyone,
I’m really new in katalon studio and i’m finding some problem

My case is, i need to test negative test when login. So when either i put wrong username or password, it will show failed alert
How do i capture that failed alert in my test case ?

If you have any of the information listed here, please post it so that we can better understand your question:

okay, sorry if my question is not clear,

so i wanna make login test case, but i’m gonna put wrong username,
in the website that i testing, it will show an failed alert because my username is wrong

my question is, how do i capture that failed alert in my test case, so i know that the alert is shown and the website is right?

I didn’t send you that link just for the sake of it… I need more information!

Example: is the “alert” you mention a window.alert() message? Or is it a popup dialog constructed with JavaScript and HTML?

Go through that link, read it all, and post everything relevant to your question.

If you had followed the advice in that link I sent, you wouldn’t have wasted my time or your own. One thing I know for sure, as I write this, no one, including you, has clicked on that link.

Handy, use browser inspect element and figure it out how that popup is thrown. Then based on that you will find the relevant solution .

Could you take a screenshot when entering those invalid credentials? if the message appears on the html , could you please right click on that message and select inspect and take another screenshot of that html code. that would be userful.