Need your help with API-docs improvement

Dear folks,

Katalon team is in the progress of improving the API/SDK documentation ( Due to the large volume of this work, we cannot get them done all at once. Therefore, we need you to help us prioritize the items. Please comment in this post the Katalon Studio classes and/or packages that you have had difficulty in working with or are planning to work with.

We appreciate your help in making Katalon Studio better for our community.

Thank you,

Katalon Team.

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i think for API docs just go 1 by 1 … usually only people looking at it are people that are seeking some specific info … just put some “Obsolete” text in docs that are old so we know…


I’d rather see more packages/classes in API docs :slight_smile: For me, most of methods’ and enums’ names are pretty self-explaining.

1 - I sincerely hope the following APIs are fixed/improved and then the improved documentation is added as I suggested:

2 - The current Search mechanism has dubious priorities. Might I suggest they are reversed? For example, I would expect the WebUI APIs are given high search priority, yet if I want to lookup the executeJavaScript API and type “exec” into the Search box, it does not appear. If I type “execute”, still it does not appear. If I type “executeJava” still nothing. You need to type “execute j” (with a space) before the API will show up. Nobody thinks like that.

3 - For all APIs, ensure the phrase “TestObject” is used where sometimes “web element” has been used. The current documentation conflates and confuses the two terms when in fact they are entirely separate entities. If they were not separate, we wouldn’t need the following:

WebElement elem = WebUiCommonHelper.findWebElement(to, …)

to convert between them.

Example: in the Description it says “web element” whereas it should say “TestObject”.

[Web UI] Verify Element Not Checked

Estimated reading time:

2 minutes


Verify if the given web element TestObject is NOT checked.


Param Param Type Mandatory Description
to TestObject Required Represent a web element.
timeout int Required System will wait at most timeout (seconds) to return a result.
flowControl FailureHandling Optional Specify failure handling schema to determine whether the execution should be allowed to continue or stop.

also guys,
please publish all API that you have/can becouse i found very usefull package that is not mentioned anywhere (1 use in code somewhere on page) e.g.


Supplementing API documentation with a set of interactive example requests is a great way to introduce end users to what your service can do. Plus, people playing around and solving problems for themselves may even reduce the load on your support team. There are already plenty of teams leveraging the API Network to do just that. So you can benefit from their services to get them improved.


Could you please provide API-docs for katalon-analytics?