Need someone from sales to contact me about pricing

I have tried for several days now to get someone to contact me about pricing so that I can get the proper licenses for running tests, both locally and thru our CI/CD (do I need node and floating? or just one?). Apparently no one wants to respond via email or the chat message that I left with my email address to contact me back because I have questions. I figure since I can reach more people here someone can direct someone from sales to me to discuss this so that I can unlock our automated tests from doom bc they will not run in my CI/CD pipeline without a license. You wanted me to pay for things, I’m trying to pay for things but no one is responding.

Thanks in advance

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Callout to @devalex88 @duyluong @ThanhTo @Thong (re Katalon Licensing/TestOps)

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Sorry for that. I’ve forwarded your request to the sales team.

Thank you! I appreciate your help.

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@ Amanda, did some one contacted you.
I ran into the same issue where noone replies to emails Phone call or chats. We are evaluating Katalon and need to see how we can get CI/CD running, do we need some sort of license? We are at the point of abandoning Katalon due to the poor suport and responsivenes to their users.

Hi @jchellew,

I’m very sorry to hear you had a negative experience. I have passed your inquiries to the sales team again.

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@jchellew I received an email and responded but I haven’t heard anything since. I have to admit, I love katalon and all that it offers. The forums are great for getting help when you are stuck. The only thing I have an issue with is just trying to get to the point where I can purchase something I was using for free before. I’m hoping I receive another response soon as I would like to go back to running tests through Azure DevOps again.

It seems that there is no one to take care of future customer and they expect us to pay for support, go figure. I guess I will moving on to other tools with better support.

I am sorry to hear that. I don’t work for Katalon but I recommend it as often as possible and I find it easier to use than most I’ve tried and used before. But, I totally understand where you are coming from. I hope that someone gets back to you.