Need help passing cookies (detailed problem description with pictures)

I’m trying out Katalon and am using the REST API of Microfocus ALM. It requires me to start with a POST Authentication Request:

When I run this request the raw header is:

So far so good. Subsequently I need to do a GET request for a session:

I’m trying to pass the cookie using a Global variable. The script is:

In this code I’m encoding the cookie values, but I have tried without encoding as well. The result (after sending the request) however is:

I’ve tried a number of different approaches, but all of them fail. What should I do? If I cannot get this simple chain of requests to work properly Katalon is of no use, but I cannot believe that to be the case.

Please help.






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list.each {
    cookiesstring = cookiesstring + UrlEncoder.encode("$it") + ";"

Could you tell us the full package name of UrlEncoder class? I have never seen UrlEncoder class (I know though).

Also would you check how the UrlEncoder.encode("$it") works by inserting a debug print:

list.each {    println "Cookie: \'${it}\' => \'${UrlEncoder.encode(\"${it}\")}\'"    cookiesstring = cookiesstring + UrlEncoder.encode("$it") + ";"}

Encode result:;sticky-key%3D%21vIDOvtcawzBAeVVW3nsCaOopaCNVQhXdyUTdyFz%2FI%2FzWP4rXHySoQoapjSYRzXePf8df8POXFNwuaLU%3D%3B+path%3D%2F%3B+Httponly%3B+Secure;XSRF-TOKEN%3D0ed9b1fd07b0bc232503b961044b48373e2ee030b9cb8f1efb49f586668ddf72%3BPath%3D%2F;ALM_USER%3D182638537d46f141d72619e548122fa5e597a312e34a3e20ed282ecba792435e%3BPath%3D%2F%3BSecure;QCSession%3DNzA5MDg1MztVVHg0V296VjFHT3pObnZtVDF4M0V3Kio7UkVTVCBjbGllbnQ7IDsg%3BPath%3D%2F%3BSecure%3BHttpOnly;LWSSO_COOKIE_KEY%3DEftB17ny37KyfOEwP6LHscYW65ggSuwPLlpUCR-8iCqYq00m69FDFYFJXX6ZXdZAlZo3dmQgH-ul–3kBaiDMYZ45ahcN2YFD3HjpA-FoXiJYMPFxXKc2P8ZwV1nJ-b4WDp0jCuhdXlsstavTchhjvYI7gdlZvt93DldfITbjRItLrhlFIzOXUrHtil1hC1AjlRpHuGEYZNVJnsY44hLY92JPFknyZktecJPkmY7WXDldoFJimNk_jdCuTtcMVNNwGe1Jlneq4x_vKSjmCQ4IcbsP_Aw0ohyuC1QqCGsB9U.%3BPath%3D%2F%3BHTTPOnly;

I’ve managed to solve my problem. No need to encode cookie values after all. I’ve split the cookies from the first response into name/value pairs and add them to the cookie header from the next request one by one thereby omitting the first 2 cookies (in this case klm_tracking_id and sticky-key cookie), after that it worked perfectly and getting the needed JSESSIONID cookie from the response needed for my 3rd API request.

Glad to hear it.

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Hi @Paul_Reijling

Could you please post the solution of splitting cookies and how u used it. thanks !

class CookieMonster {


static getCookies(ResponseObject response) {

// Get the contents of the 'Set-Cookie'

def cookiez = (response.getHeaderFields()[ 'Set-Cookie' ])

def name = []

def value = []

def items = 0

def cookiesstring = ''

def pair

cookiez.each({ def cookies ->

pair = cookies.split( '=' )

name.add(pair[ 0 ])

value.add(pair[ 1 ])



// Get cookie names and values to a string omitting unwanted cookies

for ( int i = 0 ; i != items; i++) {

if (((name[i]) != 'name_of_unwanted' ) && ((name[i]) != 'name_of_unwanted' )) {

cookiesstring = ((((cookiesstring + (name[i])) + '=' ) + (value[i])) + ';' )



cookiesstring.substring( 0 , cookiesstring.length() - 1 )

return cookiesstring



Thank you !