How to set a cookie as a variable to the api request


I´m trying to test the API by sending GET and PUT requests.
I´m not opening any browsers in this test case.

The GET Request works properly and I receive the parameters “set-cookie” and “x-csrf-token” in the response header. Now, if I use the parameter values in my PUT request, for authentication, it doesn’t work.

After adding the cookie to the HTTP header of the PUT request I getting 400 BAD REQUEST.
If I don´t add the cookie to the HTTP header of the PUT request I getting 403 FORBIDDEN.

The same requests (body and header) works fine in rest clients like postman.

Http Header GET:

Http Header PUT:



@jonathanT , If you use katalon v 5.8.0. then change Object Repository file to “text” may be it work.

for more info click on :

Hello jonathan

You can be check in the link : Pass cookie in API

Hi All,
I have a scenario like
1.For login we have an api and for submit otp we have another api. After the submit OTP call, when the dashboard of the application launches, a cookie gets generated. How to fetch this cookie value and give in the header of the rest of API’s .
2.How to fetch this cookie value and store in the global variable and use for other API’s which are dependent to run with the cookie other wise it will fail.