Need help for Headless execution in Chrome Browser

Hello all, Can anyone help me with my concern below :

I am trying to execute my Automation script through Headless execution by configuring it from ‘Desired Capabilities’ in Project → Settings.

After Run, my script got failed saying that, ‘Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.ElementClickInterceptedException: element click intercepted: Element is not clickable at point (164, 383). Other element would receive the click: ’ for the line where I have passed a ‘Click’ statement for the button.

I have tried the element is to be clicked by changing the locators as well such as Attributes, Xpath, CSS selector, But no use.

Please suggest the resolution for the same so that I can go ahead on this.

Desired capabilities configuration :
Name - args
Type - List
Value - String(–window-size=300,400)


Are you trying to test setText to that input area (1) or click to a button to submit (2)?

Hi Elly,

Thanks for your reply, Yes, I am trying the Click event on a button(Login) in which I have already provider ‘Wait for Element Clickable’(Same as your input) for the same button where I want to click.
But, It is not clicking on Login button by passing an error msg as ‘Element Click Intercepted and other element would receive the click’ in ‘Headless’ mode.
Pls suggest.


Oh, have you tried it successfully with GUI browser?

Hi Elly,

It’s properly working with the GUI Browser, When I run with a GUI browser, my script is properly clicking the ‘Login’ button on screen. But when I tried it in ‘Headless’ mode, it is not working as per expectations(Pls refer screenshot above).


are you sure this is big enough?

Hello All,

I have tried this issue by changing the resolution of screen in Project–>Settings–>Desired Capabilities(Headless) mode as below.
Please check this. This solution is worked for me.



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Thank you.

Hi Elly_Tran
I try to get atribute to input_box in headless but value is ‘‘null’’


Sorry for late response. Next time, please use @ to mention me, so that I will be notified.

In terms of your issue, I found this interesting discussion: Get Attribute as null while there is value? - #13 by Brandon_Hein. Hope this help.