Need assistance how to validate page url

How do I validate the page url in katalon studio? Here is what I have been experiecing:

  1. Open a browser and enter the url:

  2. Click on the following link:
    Walmart is redesigning its stores. This is what they’ll look like

  3. Upon clicking on the link it is redirecting to Walmart is redesigning its stores. This is what they'll look like - CNN

  4. How do I validate the page url? I would appreciate if you could please provide me what options I shall use in Record and play back. Here is the script for your reference:

  5. Open Browser

  6. Navigate to Url

  7. Click

  8. Delay

  9. Close Browser

WebUI.getUrl() will return the current URL from the browser.

@aluri I validate a page by relying on text that is supposed to be on the page. After moving to the web page, I just use:

WebUI.verifyTextPresent(“Text on page that should be present”, false)

This is not a very good method for sites that change often unless you are looking for the company’s name on the site. You can also use:


and use a manual perusal after-the-fact.

Thank you sir it worked.