My tests are failing

This is my test case:

This is the register form:

I’m getting this error:

After recording I did the test and again I got the same error.

Please Help me! I very new to Katalon Studio.




Above error related to ‘Element not found’ issue. Next release will have an improvement to auto check on some common properties in order to avoid this.
So for your current issue, please check on ‘tag’ and ‘placeholder’ property and uncheck all other properties

Having the same issue as Praful. Do we have an ETA on when the next release is due?

I have managed to by-pass the problem by de-selecting all items under ‘Detect object by?’ and re-selecting only: ‘tag’ and ‘xpath’. The element was then found right away. To open this up, right click on the element in the ‘Object Repository’ and select ‘Open’, view the ‘Object’s Properties’ in the last column you will see ‘Detect object by?’. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: