Mock Services

Please can someone tell me I mock web service using Katalon like wiremock or CA devTest or SOAP UI ? If so, what are the steps, I couldn’t find anywhere.



We haven’t got the built-in function for mocking webservices yet. It is in our plan to support the feature in future releases. I will move this suggestion to New Feature/Suggestion and upvote for it. More and more people upvote the suggestion, the sooner it will be available in our releases.


Hi Trong,

We (me and my test team) are also looking for this functionality to mock the webservices. Please upvote for it so that its available sooner.



Hi - This is highly required in the word of agility.
During request chaining, we should be able to use Mock service to test the change internally and this is the reason I am forced to use Postman so that part of my tests in Katalon and another part in Katalon which defeats the advantage of Katalon is the one automation tool for Web/API/Mobile

Hi Team,

When can we expect this feature to be available in Beta/GA release !


Guys - Here is the workaround, that I could suggest. Please use postman to create the mock endpoints for your testing. This will solve the problem of Mock testing but there is a glitch you can hit the Postman mock service 1000 calls per month if you need more you need to pay but its not lot of money.