Mobile Swipe

While swiping the partial window of an Android device using Mobile.Swipe Method, it is throwing an Exception of ‘InvalidCoordinatesException’

Please suggest the way how to deal with partial window for Horizontally slide in Android Mobile.

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Hi, i have the same issue. did you find a solution?

Hi @mariamtamer91,

This could be due to a change in how the swiping coordinates work. Originally, they were absolute, then they changed to relative coordinates, and may now be back to absolute in Katalon Studio 6.

Check out this post to see if it helps:

– Chris

Hi Chris,

i finally could find a simple solution.

All scanned elements in the object repository are filled automatically with their own x & y coordinates under the Section Method “Attributes”

so we can use them in the Swipe Keyword as inputs for scrolling or moving elements on the screen

I did so and it works. If it does not work just switch the start with the end coordinates in the Swipe Keyword.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @mariamtamer91, can you please guide me on how you performed swiping? I’m new to learn katalon.