[Issue] Mobile.swipe can not work relative endX, endY

referenced katalon.DOC

I try to Mobile Data Scraping Test

I used keyword Mobile.swipe, referenced top picture and

set relative X, Y

but It worked differently than I intended.

so I enabled android developer mode → Touch and Position for checked the swipe position

Interesting, It was working as an absolute address rather than a relative address.

reference Document Says Since ~ after work relative address

but Actually, it’s not work

my katalon version


appium version


java version

openJDK 11(18.9)


windows 10

Test Device

Samsung Galaxy S8, S9

Test Device OS

Android 8.0 Oreo

To avoid confusion

Please either work with relative address or edit the manual.

I spent too much time on that’s problem.

Thanks for reading



I am also facing this issue, Can you implement this Mobile.swipe function?

too late receive
what implement function? Mobile.Swipe?
That’s not implement, just call method