Mobile Swipe is Working Fine in Laptop and Not on desktop

Hi ,

Mobile swipe is working fine when used on laptop but same code is not working when we try to run from desktop. What can be probable cause of this?

same version of katalon?

Hi Adam,

Yes we are using same version on both machine’s.

very odd issue if both are looking for the same elements/attributes and using the same line of code. Not seen this problem before but if I come across an answer I’ll let you know.

Hi @alok_oct92,

Can you confirm the versions of Appium and Node.js on each machine as well? If you’re testing on Android, could you include the versions of the Android SDK? If testing iOS, the versions of Xcode?

Are you also testing with the same emulator/simulator versions?



Hi Chris,

We are testing using Android.
PFB the required details-
appium - v1.8.1
Node.js - v8.11.3
Android sdk - 28.0.2

Android - 8.1.0
Appium - v1.8.1
Node .js - 10.15.0

Hi @alok_oct92,

Do you see any errors when swiping isn’t working (in the console or the appium.log file in your test directory)?

Are you testing with the same devices or emulators on the desktop and laptop?

– Chris

Hi Chris

Not getting any sort of error just the next step fails because swipe did not work.
Same device is used in both machines.