Mobile set Desired Capabilities autoGrantPermissions

Dear Katalon team,

Katalon studio v 5.6.0

I tried to set desired capabilities for autoGrantPermissions that do not automatically determine which permissions app requires and grant them to the app on install.
I tried to set in Project–>settings–>Execution but it didn’t work.
I tried to use from tips and tricks topic ( to override desired capabilities at run time but result was the same autoGrantPermissions was set to true and permissions needed for app was automatically granted.

I found in forum similar issue which is going for some time (Desired capabilities are not taken into account - Katalon Studio - Katalon Community)

I would like to know if there is work around for this or maybe there will be release with fix very soon?

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.13.28.png

The discussion you’ve provided is very old, and it’s has been fixed. Regard to your current issue, looks like ‘autoGrantPermissions’ from Katalon Studio will always be ‘true’ to avoid unexpected popups asking for permissions during your test execution.

It’s not good in my case because I need all permissions pop-ups to test app. Could Katalon team think about this as feature and implement in future release?