Can't detect Location permission and Notification permission alert dialog in Spy Mobile and Record Mobile mode

Hi all, I encounter an issue while using Katalon to perform test in Android device. When i login to my app, it displayed Location permission and Notification permission alert dialog normally. But when i use Spy mobile or Record mobile to perform the same Login steps, there is no any alert dialog appear. So i can’t get the xpath of those alert dialog.
Please suggest how to solve this issue! Thanks

Hi @trinhquangduy94,

Katalon Studio/Appium automatically sets autoGrantPermission to true that means the automation process will implecitly accept all permission pop-up so you don’t need to record these actions when running automation script.


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Thank @duyluong, i have read the document you provided and refer to the following document:

But i still wonder that how to set the permissions separately, eg. Location permission is accepted and Notification permission is denied. Because the way that setting autoGrantPermission to true just allow accepting all permissions, it’s useless in this case.