Mobile execution is painfully slow

Performing any action on a mobile app (android 10) takes minutes while running an existing script. The performance is the same when I try to record actions.
But it was not the case a few weeks ago. Everything was fine. And I can not figure out what was changed and where.

I had using Katalon’s 8.2.+ when I created the scripts, and today I have upgraded to 8.2.5 but the problem is still here.
My appium is up to date.
Tried automationName desired capability set to UiAutomator1 and 2.
Tried another app on my phone, but recording is as slow as my AUT.
I’m using class and text attribute locators (performance doesn’t change if resource-id is used)
I haven’t touched any of my android settings. Furthermore I don’t remember I had any android upgrade lately.

This is the time of a tap action:
Elapsed time: 1m - 1,379s

Do you have any other suggestion?
Thank you