Mobile app does not get refreshed after email confirmation is done via API


I have a native mobile app where the manual registration process goes like this :
Step 1 : Register with a new email (Enter email and click on next. An email is then sent to the address)
Step 2 : Go to your inbox and click on Confirm email link to activate account (in this case, we are using disposable mail for testing like mailsac)
Step 3 : Once email is confirmed, it returns to the app and refreshes the app and next section is displayed.

To automate this process, Step 1 has been done using mobile automation and for step 2, API calls have been added to the test case to get the link from the inbox and validate it, as per the post : Open mobile browser or calling api while running mobile app automation - #4 by Chris_Trevarthen

However, once the email is validated from the API, the native app still needs to be refreshed for it to move to next section. Currently, I am stuck in the app where I have the message to confirm your email.
Basically, after manually confirming the email from the inbox, the user is automatically redirected back to the app where it refreshes to move to the next section.

This is where I am stuck.
Can someone please assist.

Hey @kviraj12, can you provide a video of your process for us to imagine the scenario better?