Open mobile browser or calling api while running mobile app automation

Hi @taynguyen,

You can mix in API calls to your mobile or web tests in Katalon. So at a high level, you could do the following:

  1. Create a Test Case that triggers an OTP in your project
  2. In the same project, create a new Web Service Request
  3. Fill in the info you would use to access the API - the URL, any parameters you would need, etc.
  4. In the Web Service Request, choose to add the request to an existing Test Case (choose the Test Case from above)

  1. You’ll see that a new line was added to your Test Case for the Web Service Request
  2. Add more testing steps to your Test Case that takes the result of the Web Service Request and fills in whatever mobile forms you have

Here are some docs on how to create an API call test in Katalon Studio:

And here are some docs on how to make the API calls manually:

Hope this helps,