Missing Global variables tab


Why I do not see the global variables icon in the designer version 5.4.1?

I can see the icon in the previous version, 5.3.1:

In addition, I’m encountering problems with global variables: I had a global variable defined in the file GlobalVariables.glbl. When I try to import the file GlobalVariables.glbl into my new project 5.4.1 it doesn’t work: the global variable is not created in the file \Libs\internal\GlobalVariable.groovy. If I perform the same steps with version 5.3.1 I do not encounter any problem.


Screenshot - 17_05_2018 , 14_59_48.png

Screenshot - 17_05_2018 , 15_03_11_ver001.png

Hi Ivano Cirillo,
I think you must read this document: https://docs.katalon.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=13697476
Furthermore, Katalon does not support with case workaround above.
Thanks for choosing Katalon. :smiley:

Thanks, I will look at the new Execution Profile feature. Thanks.