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Is it possible to do the test summary results to my own team channel folder link?
Or it will update only with the Incoming Webhook connector. ?

Since the last update (release 1.0.2), Teams didn’t receive any notification from Katalon. I tried the functionnality “Reload plugins” in Katalon, but it’s still the same. Have you any clue of what have happen ?

@fpinson Can you show me the reload plugin dialog and some log relevant?

it works nows. It seems that the update didn’t install immediately but only after few hours.


I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a few minor quality changes listed below:

Add which Profile is being executed. QA for example would list QA and Prod would list Prod somewhere in the title. etc.


If you could potentially change the format to 20/20 passed or 15/20 passed with 5 failed. Just add the total number of tests into the equation in some fashion.

Please advise and thank you.

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We are able to integrate Katalon script execution results with Microsoft teams with easy steps. We have documented same at below location for others to refer

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Would you be able to add more customization perhaps able to change what the message says, include a link to katalon analytics, or include the report? it would be perfect then.