message":"An error has occurred. API Response


While testing an API, I am getting response with the status: 500 internal server error’ with the message ‘message":"An error has occurred.’

The same API call is working fine without issue in ‘Ready API and Postman’. Anyone had faced the similar issue or know how to resolve… Please help

Thank you

Hello ,
You must make sure that the steps in the following images are applied in sequence. I hope it’s useful.

Thanks for the response!

I have multiple API/Webservices project in Katalon and others are working without issue… this one request is not working as the response returned is just a number or numeric id and Katalon cannot handle it.

As I mentioned earlier, it is working in Ready API and Postman without issue

Hello ,
If the api test tool of the different api runs correctly, you should make sure that you have entered the values ​​correctly in Katalon Studio.
Http Header for added Content-Type ,Authorization parameters ,
Verify the user name and password entered in the verification and
Make sure the service request message entered in the http body field.
I hope it’s useful.

Thanks again!

I have entered HTTP headers correctly as I did it in other tools for the same API but still not working.

My guess is the response that the API receives is in a different format that Katalon Studio cannot read and it is throwing ‘an error occurred’ message.

Hello again,
maybe you can help me if you tell me what’s coming back from the service.
You can test with postman tools.