How to verify API Response in pop up alert

I tried to send request and i got response 400.
I need to verify the response like Assertion. how i can verify the response in that alert? Thank you

Did you get the response or there was run time exception?

hi @“Trong Bui”

it should be response, like this , ex : postman:

but in katalon i get it in pop up alert / blank body response and there is no msg so i can’t verify

1-22-2018 10-23-48 AM.png

1-22-2018 10-26-38 AM.png

I got it. We are working in the issue so that I could response caught error instead of throw exception. Please hold it on for a while.

Thank you @“Trong Bui”
please give me updated once its done,

I have same problem in katalon version 5.2.0 and 5.3.0, but when I use katalon version 5.0.1 its working as well.


result with version 5.0.1

test request object ver 5.0.1

result with version 5.3.0

Hi there Katalon Team, I cannot verify response code and body when use katalon ver 5.3.0


result 5.0.jpg

result test objet 5.0.jpg

result test objet 5.3.jpg

result 5.3.jpg

result 5.3 console.jpg

santi hutapea said:

Thank you @“Trong Bui”
please give me updated once its done,

We have released Katalon Studio 5.3.1 ( which contains the fix. Please give it a try.

Hi Trong,
i tried on 5.3.1 version , Basic authorization is not working. please help me if i’m missing anything .
pleas refer to below screen shots.

Basic authorization not working .jpg

Basic authorization not working1 .jpg

I have no issue with Basic Auth in my case. Could you dould check on the pass and try to click “Update to HTTP Header” button?