Log viewer hangs due to WebUI.gettext

is it possible to not showing the content of WebUI.gettext from the log viewer?
I have a case which is trying to get the text of an page object which has huge data, it will hang the test execution due to the Log Viewer cannot handle it. But the test will eventually pass after a long time to wait for the log viewer to show the huge data from the WebUI.gettext.

yes, is posible. don’t use that keyword.

The Log Viewer will always lag behind the actual test execution, because it has its own internal logic that sorts the data and builds the tree, the pass/fail status, etc. Essentially what’s happening is that your test finishes execution long before your Log Viewer can catch up, due to the large amount of data.

My best advice: if you want to watch what your script is doing in as close to real time as possible, sit on the Console tab during execution instead of the Log Viewer. The console will log things much faster, but of course isn’t sorted like the Log Viewer is.

As far as I examined, WebUI.getText(TestObject) will not echo the text to the Log Viewer automatically.

I wonder why the Log Viewer hangs in your case. I suppose that your code does echo the text to the Log Viewer, which is causing hangups.

Could you share your test case code?

I don’t intentionally echo text to the Log Viewer. It will do it automatically.
is there an option I can disable that text log to be displayed in the Log Viewer?
Or if I can set the log level to show less info?

PLS try this tip:


OK, I understand it.

WebUI.getText() is not echoing it.
It seems that KS is echoing the return statement’s result.

As of v 7.0.x you can disable logging test steps. That makes the log view quiet, and test cases possibly run faster.