Load Excel File "Java Heap Space Error"

Hello all,

I am trying to load excel sheet to test data in Katalon , but it gives me java heap space error.
Please help me to resolve the issue.


Your Excel file is possibly big so that Katalon Studio requires larger memory to run. You can allocate larger memory. Have a look at the following post and try:


read it with pieces e.g first 100 rows then second 100 rows etc, not sure try


Yes, it is possible for @Poornima.aj01 to load data row by row if his/her test case uses the POI API. However, I suppose he/she utilizes “Data-driven testing feature” of Katalon Studio, is not using the POI.

Katalon’s com.kms.katalon.core.testdata.TestData class offers a method getAllData():


This implies that, if a user uses this class wanting “Data-driven testing” approach, all rows - all cells of a target sheet will be loaded into memory. If the sheet contains tons of cells, then large memory would be required.


in my opinion is not feasible to load all excel data to mem in a one shot if excel has huge of data