Better Filters/sorting for "Files"

If you have a large test suite with many screen shots finding the Reports, logs in the files can be a pain. Especially if there are many test suites in the collection.

It would be great if there was the ability to sort the “Files”, filter to Logs, or .HTML. I don’t want to scroll through a few hundred screen shots to get to my report that has all the screen shots in the appropriate place, so I would like to filter them out entirely.

This specific test suite collection only has 8 test suites in it, a few hundred screen shots. There was 1 test case in the collection that failed, finding the one that failed so I can grab the report means I have to go through all 8 .html or .pdf files. It would be nice if there was a way to pass/fail filter, or to have the reports that correlate to the executions on the “Results” tab

Ton of Screen Shots on “Files” tab

Mock up of where download reports button(s) could be

If there are reports from the “Basic Reports” integration, such as a .HTML or .PDF a download button for each could fit here, this way we don’t have to go hunt down the report we need for the specific execution

How does this affect me?

I can continue my job, resolving this ticket can boost my performance. This would not only save me time, but the time of anyone else trying to see whats up. Our current workflow has my team of QA Engineers building the automation, we are uploading into Test Ops so that our Developers can kick off execution when they wan to, if they are testing a patch, hotfix, pre-deployment etc… So for someone who doesn’t use the system regularly this will save them loads of time from having to try and figure out how the crap they are supposed to find the reports.


  • Sha