iOS support on Windows machines

Tools like Appium studio already support iOS devices on Windows machines and vice versa, so i guess it shouldn’t be restricted on Katalon too and eliminate the need of using only mac to work on both Android and iOS devices.
As todays apps are both on Android and iOS platforms it would be for a greater good to have this feature.

Hello @Raghu

You can install Katalon Studio on a Windows machine and execute tests remotely on a macOS machine that has installed Appium Server and connected to iOS devices. Learn more.

Besides, you can execute mobile tests on Cloud device labs like Sauce Labs, Kobiton, Expertise, etc.


Thanks Jass for the reply.
I am aware of the cloud devices and the support for it.
But for execution to be done locally the remote setup documentation you shared doesn’t suffice as it doesn’t explain the remote connection part from windows effectively.

Hi @Raghu

Thank you for your feedback. Please check out the Remote execution for Mobile testing documentation to see if it helps.

Happy Testing


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