[KShare] Meet our contributors! ✍️

One of the Product Support team’s newer members, Bhavyasnh Ameta (@bhavyansh.ameta), have also contributed quite a lot to KShare. Let’s see how he approaches the writing process for KShare from the users’ point of view …

1. In your opinion, what has been the best and most efficient way for you to improve yourself professionally at Katalon?

My most effective method of self-improvement has been a continuous commitment to asking sufficient and relevant questions, ensuring a thorough understanding of issues for successful resolution. Before initiating work on any case, I do my best to understand the issue fully, identify any similarities, and reproduce the issue from my end. Moreover, acknowledging the sentiments expressed by users and comprehending the surrounding environment are crucial steps in this process.

This comprehensive approach not only addresses technical aspects but also takes into account the emotional and situational variations, fostering a more insightful understanding and efficient resolution of issues.

2. How does users’ feedback influence your KShare writing process?

I consider users’ feedback important as it provides insights into the users’ perspectives on articles and offers us the opportunity to understand them more. We use this feedback in the writing process for our next articles to meet the preferences and expectations of users, ensuring that our content is relevant and up-to-date with what our users care about.

Bhavyansh Ameta (@bhavyansh.ameta) - Junior Product Support Specialist
Bhavyansh is a Junior Product Support Specialist at Katalon who utilizes his technical expertise to assist users with intelligent solutions. His passion for delivering exceptional support is not just about providing answers but fostering a positive and empowering user experience.