[KShare] Meet our contributors! ✍️

And, last but not least, let’s get to know Thong Tran (@thong.tran), our Senior Software Engineer at Katalon, who is eager to work together with the Product Support team on KShare and share his knowledge and expertise with the wider community of Katalon users.

1. How do you feel about the working process between you and the Product Support team, given that you come from a different department?

In my opinion, it feels like I am supporting my family members. The folks in the Product Support team are some of the most friendly, kind, and understanding people I know. Yes, we were once strangers, but our shared dedication to supporting Katalon users has brought us together and strengthened our relationship over the years. I can confidently work alongside them on even the hardest of cases.

2. How do you think your skillset/knowledge/background as a Software Engineer can complement the KShare articles?

One thing I realized after working on hundreds of support cases is that it takes more than just Katalon product knowledge to be able to support our users and clients effectively.

For example, our clients often have complex systems with a lot of network configurations, they use various devices and/or operating systems with different capabilities and drawbacks, or they utilize different technologies in their testing workflow and environments which results in thousands of exceptions at every corner. Hence, we must also be experienced to navigate these exceptions and integrate the Katalon Platform well into their tech stacks.

Gaining these experiences takes time, and that is where I come in. I would consider myself as a personal ChatGPT bot for the Product Support team, here to provide them with insights and technical explanations that they need to resolve our clients’ problems. I also strive to ensure the solutions presented in our KShare articles remain high-quality and future-proof so that many more Katalon users can take advantage of them in the future.

Thong Tran
Thong Tran (@thong.tran) - Senior Software Engineer at Katalon
A passionate Katalon developer with a wealth of programming and testing expertise. Thong has been dedicated to providing exceptional enterprise support for the past five years, helping Katalon’s customers achieve their testing goals with ease.
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