[KShare] Meet our contributors! ✍️

Quan Trinh (@quan.trinh) is our Product Support Specialist who focuses on small-to-medium-sized teams and businesses in the US. Below, he will share with us how the KShare articles are usually written from start to finish …

1. Can you give us a quick walkthrough of how a KShare article is usually written?

Our approach to writing KShare articles is to be customer and user-centric. Hence, every KShare article reflects common issues that are faced by our users. After acknowledging the ongoing problems, we get to work to figure out the root causes and possible solutions by working together with other teams within Katalon.

Once the solutions have been identified and confirmed to be working by our clients, we will then start turning them into KShare articles to be published on the Community forum for all to see and learn from.

2. How do you feel when your articles, and the articles written by other members of your team, are well received by Katalon users?

It gives me a sense of pride to see that our works are well-received by the community. It also bolsters our belief in the KShare project and pushes us forward to produce even more helpful articles in the future.

Quan Trinh - Chris (@quan.trinh) - Product Support Specialist
Quan (Chris) is a Product Support Specialist who has offered informative and insightful advice to Katalon users worldwide for years. He is devoted to sustaining your testing journey with Katalon. No limits!!!
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