KSE to gitlab integration

New KSE user here, hello everyone!

I have created my first test automation and now would like to check that into our repo in Gitlab. However, After I put in my login credentials, I simply hit this error back:
Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 3.00.45 PM

Any idea what’s missing here?


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Hi @jcao, welcome to our Katalon community. We are having this dedicated Support Portal to help our paid customers. You could share your concern via the portal to receive more timely support. Hope this helps!

Does your Gitlab enable 2FA? If yes, you would need to use a personal access token as your login credential. Personal access tokens | GitLab

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I did create a project access token in Gitlab for Katalon. However, even with that token, I am still hitting the same error message - with or without the Gitlab username. Supposedly all I need is the repo origin and this token to connect, right?