KSE 7.9.0 - Export Report is failing to initiate an Export

There are multiple problems - Here is a summary of the issues we’ve encountered since upgrading to KSE 7.9.0:

  1. Having a report open and clicking Export > PDF fails to initiate an Export. This is not a problem in 7.8.2. Workaround: Right-click the Report file on the left. Click Export As > PDF. The PDF will the open.

  2. The .jar file that needs to be in our Project’s Plugins folder (katalon-studio-report-plugin.jar) is actually an embedded file in the Katalon 7.9.0 application files. The user has to manually copy and paste it to their Project’s Plugins folder thus replacing the existing Basic Report .jar.


  1. The downloadable Basic Report files are all out of date and don’t work with KSE 7.9.0.


  1. The online documentation Katalon provides for resolving the issue appears to be out of date. I had to come up with the workaround below. Thus, need to update the info as appropriate. Below is what worked for us. Creating a Platform folder in the project’s Plugins folder results in an error message when Reloading the Plugins.

https://www.katalon.com/help-center/#plugins/where-does-katalon-store-plugins-and-how-to-install-them , no longer works with KSE 7.9.0

Background: On 1/25/21, our organization upgraded from Katalon Studio, i.e., KSE, 7.8.2 to 7.9.0. To do this, we signed into Katalon Store, downloaded the 64 bit edition of KSE, closed Katalon, went to the windows directory where Katalon’s application files are located, deleted the existing files, and pasted the downloaded KSE 7.9.0 files. Then, launched Katalon.exe. Then, successfully loaded our projects. For each project, we had to go to Project > Settings > Plugins and reselect “Local”. It had defaulted to “Katalon Store and Local”. Then, we clicked the Profile image at top right and reloaded Plugins. Got the message stating it was successful, that katalon-studio-basic-report-plugin.jar was successfully.

However, this .jar is no longer compatible with KSE 7.9.0. There are multiple problems, as stated below. There is a workaround.

  • Katalon Studio Version: 7.9.0
  • OS Version: Windows 10 Pro N Version 20H2 OS Version 19042.746
  • Browser Version: Chrome Version 88.0.4324.104 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Closed Katalon Studio 7.9.0
2. We went to our project’s Plugins folder (See attachment) and deleted katalon-studio-basic-report-plugin.jar
3. Went to the KSE application files, copied C:\Katalon\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-7.9.0\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\26\0.cp\resources\basic-report\katalon-studio-report-plugin.jar , and pasted it into our project’s Plugins folder. See attachment.
4. Re-Launched Katalon Studio 7.9.0.
5. Opened our project, i.e., that now has katalon-studio-report-plugin.jar.
6. At top left, went to Project > Settings > Plugins. Ensured that “Katalon Studio will download plugins from” = Local.
7. Clicked Profile icon at top right and Reload Plugins. Closed the Plugins popup stating it was successful.
8. Opened the Reports folder on the left. Opened and existing Report.
9. At the top, clicked Export > PDF. Click Select Folder with desired location selected.
a. Problem: The Export never initiated.
b. Desired Behavior: Export should initiate, complete, and open the PDF with the file now appearing in that location.
c. Workaround: Closed the report. On left nav, select the desired Report. Right Clicked + Export As > PDF. Clicked Select Folder with desired location selected. Good, the Export completed. The PDF opened and the .pdf appeared in the desired windows directory.

Export As PDF would still fail (get error message) if we had continued to use katalon-studio-basic-report-plugin.jar in the Project’s Plugins folder. It only works when the katalon-studio-report-plugin.jar has been found in above-stated Katalon application files and is manually copied to the Project’s Plugins folder.

The online documentation available above does not resolve it. We found that only the above-stated workaround works.

We also have selected PDF checkbox in Project Settings > Plugins > Report so than when a report is generated, we can locate it in the Windows directory where the report is saved to and open the PDF from there.

Expected behavior: In KSE 7.9.0, open a Report. Click Export Report > PDF. When you click Select Folder, the PDF export should initiate to that location and automatically open the PDF upon completion.

Screenshots: Attached1_25_21 - Katalon 7.9.0 - Export As - PDF 1_25_21 - Katalon 7.9.0 - Export Report - PDF - Error Msg

Hi @rommelb,

Starting in v7.7 onward, Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine already bundle Basic Report Plugin for every user so please remove katalon-studio-report-plugin.jar in project Plugins to prevent incompatible after upgrading to v7.9.0.


Thanks, I removed the katalon-studio-report-plugin.jar from my project’s Plugins folder and left it in the default location it was located in. I relaunched Katalon, opened the project, and reloaded plugins. No plugins loaded. This is correct, there are none for our current setup.

Nevertheless, then there’s only 1 Bug here - Having a report open and clicking Export report fails to initiate an export. See screenshot. Get the problem regardless of whether you select PDF, HTML, and CSV. Other users will likely be encountering the problem, it’s a very common Export method.

Please reply with confirmation your team can replicate the problem and, if so, an expected resolution date.

Export report only works when selecting the report on the left, right-clicking, and selecting Export As.

Also, please consider updating the Katalon Store so that when users select “Basic Report” or “Basic Report with Email TS Collection”, it clearly states the plugin is no longer needed starting in KSE 7.9.0.

There’s no way to edit the Description of this ticket. I edited the Title. There should be a way to edit the Description. I would have simplified it if I could. Thanks!

Having the same problem as this user. Started when we upgraded to 7.9.0. I tried numerous time to submit a bug report without success :frowning:

Here’s another workaround for the Export Report problem: Go to your Project Settings > Plugins > Report section, and select the PDF checkbox. I’ve added a screenshot of it.

The net result of this setting is that when a Test Suite completes, a PDF will be automatically generated and appear in the Windows location of your project’s Reports folder. The PDF can be opened from there, it will display correctly.

I’ll be entering another Bug Report shortly for a different problem - In Katalon 7.9.0, Right-click + Run From Here will fail to initiate a playback if the test case you are running it from has at least one Assert Statement, i.e., Assertion that Variable X == Y. Yet, the same Test Case can run, with the Assertions present, by clicking the Run button at the top or if part of a Test Suite.

Workaround for Right-click + Run From Here is to Temporarily Delete all Assertions from the script. Save. Retry Right-click + Run From Here, it will then work. Once done, re-add the Assertions. This was not a problem in KSE 7.8.2, which I have open on another machine in my office.

Hi @rommelb, @hsingh

Nevertheless, then there’s only 1 Bug here - Having a report open and clicking Export report fails to initiate an export . See screenshot. Get the problem regardless of whether you select PDF, HTML, and CSV. Other users will likely be encountering the problem, it’s a very common Export method.

We can reproduce this issue on v7.9.0 and agree that the Export reports on Report part currently not working on Windows (the workaround solution is using Right-click menu). This will be fixed in v7.9.1 that will release in next week.

Thanks for your report

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We already released v7.9.1 that fixed this bug. Please upgrade and validate if the issue still occurs.

If you upgrade from v7.9.0, you can use Help > Check for updates… for an in-app upgrade. Learn more

If you currently use a version prior to v7.9.0, download the latest version from our website due to the core engine upgrade. To reuse Preferences from previous versions, refer to this guide.

More details regarding this release, see here.

Happy testing


Confirmed Resolved in Katalon Studio Enterprise 7.9.1. Export Report is working once again by having the report open and clicking the Export report at the top right. The status message at the bottom right will say the Export is in progress. Once it completes, the PDF automatically opens and is correctly saved to the specified location. Thanks!

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