KR - Record feature no longer working

Hi Everyone,
The “record” button is no longer working in my Katalon Recorder Chrome extension.
It seems to behave like this since the last version 5.3.27.

Everytime I click on this “record” button, there’s a popup that ask me to sign up :
" Great work! It’s time to upgrade your experience.
Connect your free Katalon account to unlock all extended features.

Connect now

If you already log in with your Katalon account, please click here to continue your work.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at the bird’s eye view of the product to see what’s in it for you!"

And even If I press “ESC” to get rid of this popup, “record” button is not working.

I’ve seen on the last release note (here : something like this :

  • Fixed an error where sign-up dialog prevents people from using KR

Thank you for your help.


H there, have you tried logging into Katalon website with your Katalon account, and then press on the Click here button in the dialog ?

Hi Thanh To,
Thank you for your reply.
It used to work before without creating any account.
The question would be then, is it compulsory to log in to Katalon Website to use “record” feature?

Hi @rollerman78

Yes, it is necessary to log in a Katalon account. We do not intend to charge for Katalon Recorder, and do not track any information pertaining to user’s data. The account is for marketing purposes.

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Hi Thanh To,

I confirm it is working after logging in to a Katalon account.
Do you confirm it is a recent change in the KR behavior?
Thank you for your help and have a nice day.

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Hi @rollerman78 Yes it is a recent change in KR, thank you for your understanding !